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Megan Kashat



Iraqi-American artist Megan Kashat is a vocalist, songwriter & top line writer who’s making her mark on the music industry following years performing as a renowned dancer. The Detroit born talent began her training and education in theatre, choir and dance, which led her to share the stage with A-list names such as: Mariah Carey, The Goo Goo Dolls, Big Sean, T.I. and appear on stages such as The 2010 Grammy Awards Pre Telecast, The Lopez Tonight Show, The Steve Harvey Hoodie Awards, The Mo Nique Show and The Wendy Williams Show in addition to working briefly for Cirque Du Soleil, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani and others whilst winning several awards in the process.


Whilst dance took a predominant role in Megan’s early career, her passion and drive for music have become the true focal point. Megan has since toured with Soul legend Charlie Wilson of the Gap Band, later landing her first major record deal and publishing contract with P Music Group out of Los Angeles California.  The songstress’ skill served her well in 2013 after the release of Steal My Crown, a single released under the stage name of Megyn Hermez.  The unapologetic pop track charted on the Media Base Activator Charts for 7 strait weeks alongside honorable names.

2018 was a year of consistent production for Megan, delivering quality releases like:‘Break My Heart’ in collaboration with DJ Regard & Osman Altun, ‘Dripping’with Murat Salman and Adem Aesalon, and ‘Love You’ just to name a few.


Her distinctive style and array of abilities to write in a multitude of genres have caught the attention of numerous international record labels and producers, whilst landing support and words of praise from press, DJs, radio stations and fellow artists alike.




Detroit, MI USA



EDM, Pop, Singer/ Songwriter


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Regard, Murat Salman, Andrea Roma, Drop G








Anxiety- Single, Gypsyland Records, Megyn Hermez 2012

Music Is Music- Album, Gypsyland Records, Megyn Hermez 2013

Steal My Crown- Single, Gypsyland Records, Megyn Hermez 2013

Sweetest Goodbye- Single, Megan Kashat, Megan Kashat 2017

Man In The Sky- Single, Highlimit Records, Roelbeat, Megan Kashat 2018 

Waters- Single, Istanbul Records, Yunus Durali, Megan Kashat 2018

Shame- Single, No Smoking Records, Megan Kashat 2018

Run- EP, Deep Disco Recordings, Megan Kashat 2018

Don't Cry- Single, DRL Recordings, Yunus Durali, Megan Kashat 2018

Love You- Single, Leaf Music, Megan Kashat, Drop G, Yunus Durali 2018

Loyes- Single, DRL Recordings, Megan Kashat, Yunus Durali 2018

Break My Heart- Single, Leaf Music, Regard, Osmun Altun, Megan Kashat 2019

Before I Leave- Single, Sugar Style Records, Megan Kashat, Mar G Rock 2019

Breathe- Single, Megan Kashat, Kougan Ray 2019

Dripping- Single, Music Tap, Adem Aesalon, Murat Salman, Megan Kashat 2019

Million Tears- Single, Three Dot Music Zeni N, Megan Kashat 2019

Infectious Love- Single, No Smoking Records, Tarkan Ors, Megan Kashat 2019

Give It All- Single, Watary, Megan Kashat, Kenny Watson 2019

In Too Deep- Single, Rikodisco, Megan Kashat, Kougan Ray 2019

Getting Over You- Single, Watary, Megan Kashat, Mar G Rock 2019

The Cure- Single, Megan Kashat, Ibrahim Kucukoglu 

Future- Single, Ray Collect, Emircan Hattat, Yusuf Can Kurt, Megan Kashat

Waiting Games- Single, We Are Young Records, Yusuf Can Kurt, Megan Kashat






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